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Social Media Strategies for Google+

Social Media Strategies for Google+

The key to any social media strategy is to know your target audience. Before engaging audiences with a marketing campaign, businesses must become acquainted with the people who are most likely to purchase products or services. While knowledge of basic demographics is important, learning how an audience engages online through social media platforms like Google+ is the driving force behind an effective social marketing campaign.

Businesses that succeed on the network locate individuals who like what the company offers through hashtag searches and then study their behavior by interacting with them in the comment fields of posts. Getting to know when they are online and how often they interact with others on Google+ will help businesses create the most effective campaign to build essential relationships. Businesses that post content infrequently risk losing the interest of their audience while those who post too often can become an annoyance. Social media experts recommend posting one to three times each day when starting out. However, that number should be adjusted as you learn more about the frequency your audience engages online.

Links play a critical role in Google+. Always establish a profile link to the corporate website and verify it. This process will create an automatic connection between the corporate site and the social media platform. Social media engagement will drive traffic to the website and vice versa, enhancing ranking among popular search engines. Include other important page links such as blogs, specific landing pages, or other social media sites within the About Us section of the profile to increase interaction among the various sites.
This interconnectivity not only increases traffic through search engines, but also creates a unified approach to online information flow that will allow users to gain a cohesive understanding of the company.Communities and hangouts can also be effective for businesses trying to extend their reach. With more than 50,000 communities (or groups) on Google+, businesses can locate groups within their industries to build relationships with new consumers or similar companies and engage with them on different levels. Businesses within industries that may not have a large community presence have the opportunity to begin their own community group. Always manage relationships within communities or hangouts with professionalism and respect.
A single misstep on a social media platform can ruin a business’s reputation quickly. People rely on recommendations of family, friends, and friends of people they know to determine whether they will do business with a company. Positive and negative stories travel fast on social platforms. Treating consumers and other businesses with dignity and respect will build a positive reputation that will allow businesses to flourish financially.Hangouts are the video chat section of Google+ that interact with YouTube. Individuals can chat, share Google Docs, watch videos, and record interviews.
This feature allows businesses to share ideas for new products and services with audiences wider than their current Circles, hold regular informational seminars, question and answer sessions, or provide people with an opportunity to get to know the business professionals at a company on a more personal, intimate level. Businesses that use communities and hangouts successfully engage with their audiences. They focus on relationship building, not just pushing a product or making sales, even if profitability occurs naturally as a result of such campaigns.
These businesses also participate regularly with audiences on a variety of levels, not just when the business is the focus of attention. They engage in answering questions posted and with others through comment fields to fuel discussions. Regardless of the method used, businesses must be careful to provide high-quality, professional information that individuals can practically use in their daily lives. Plus, with the availability of YouTube interconnectivity, videos can be transferred and reposted on YouTube to provide links for blogs, website, email blasts, or other social media sites, all boosting search engine results for a company.Keep in mind that Google+ builds upon conversation.
To make money, businesses must maintain an ongoing dialogue with people in their Circles. With each communication, organizations will have the opportunity to gain future clients. If Circle members don’t engage with content, relationships aren’t formed and sales will suffer. Businesses that maximize their money-making potential on Google+ keep their focus on building those relationships and take the time to develop every aspect of their social media present to create a strong online network that will facilitate that relationship.


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